2017 Scholarship Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Signal Grace Scholarship Contest!

This is the fourth year of the Contest and every year has provided an array of stunning, thoughtful applications. This year, there were diverse entries from all over the nation, including essays, poems, short videos, illustrations, paintings, digital paintings, an orchestral composition, and even embroidery. It is heartwarming to see so much talent and effort, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help some of these students.

Since its inception, the Contest has awarded almost $6,000 to help support outstanding American students. This year, thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor, the Contest is able to offer more scholarship money than ever before and to recognize four outstanding applications beyond the Grand Prize winner with “Honorable Mention” awards of $250 each –

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000)
Taylor Longmire (Poem)

Katharine Diaz (Illustration)
Agata Gryzb (Digital Painting)
Steffanie Naples
Anna Nunes (Embroidery)

Sponsoring a scholarship contest is like going on a national tour of creativity, intelligence, and bravery. It’s truly amazing. However, there is a potent and painful downside: there are far more excellent applications than available funds. In addition to the Grand Prize winner and the Honorable Mentions, I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize as “Author’s Choice” the following entries which were exceptionally thoughtful, thorough, and creative:

Neissa Alabre
Lewis Aul
Bruno Baltazar
Casandra Cabral-Castro
Sydney Cahill
Joanne Cheng
Madelyn Corliss
Emma Dorsey
Jaela Goodwin
Tanner Jenkins
Trinity Jones
Rachel Kear
Cassandra Maas
Akhita Maat-Page
Cody Mayo
Faith McCann
Sonia Mun
Tracy Nguyen
Alina Nhouyvanisvong
Victoria Price
Faith Ramsey
Jon Rice
Lily Shaver
Alexandra Solomon
Meagan Turner
Maya Wing
Kristina Winger


Past Signal Grace Scholarship Winners

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Isabelle Walton – Poem Series
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Andrew Koonce – Violin Composition
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Arnold Kracht – Collage Series
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Kayla Moore – Digital Painting
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Kendra Jimerson – Digital Painting
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): M’Kenna Breckenridge – Video Book Report

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Marina Shkuratov – Essay

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Giordano Chioetto – Essay
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Leslie Koller – Essay
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Sangeeta Sunny – Essay

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