…to the winners of the 2014 Signal Grace Scholarship Essay Contest!

The scholarship contest lasted three months, from Mar 1 – June 1. Many students submitted essays to compete for the $1,000 Grand Prize. Thank you, students, for sharing your excellent work. Due to the high quality of the finalists’ essays, in addition to awarding a Grand Prize Winner at $1,000, TM is citing two students as Honorable Mention with a $100 prize each –

Giordano Chioetto

Giordano’s essay plowed through the evaluation rounds like a tidal wave. Judges were extremely impressed by his creative thinking and his clear, elegant style. His essay was well-written and presented remarkable reasoning to create connections.

Leslie Koller
Sangeeta Sunny

Leslie’s essay was succinct and powerful; Sangeeta’s was intricate and unusual. Although vastly different, both essays were brilliantly distinctive.

Lastly, TM would like to recognize the following students for their exceptional essays, because they all possessed the raw material of spirit and substance that inspires her personally. These are, thus, the “Author’s Choices”:

Eamon Cagney
Brittany Gamber
John Nnyanzi
Heather Peacock
Laurel Schulz


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