The “Signal Grace” Painting

"Signal Grace" Painting; oil, Tricia Ratliff 2013

“Signal Grace” Painting; oil, Tricia Ratliff 2013

A commissioned original from masterful Virginia artist Tricia Ratliff, this 2013 painting depicts a collection of historical and symbolic items related to the story of Signal Grace. For those familiar with the book, some of the meaningful elements of the legacy painting are listed below. (To see a larger image of the painting, just click on the picture above.)

a) the old photo is Michael W. Yates as a child (circa 1953, New Orleans)
b) the red rosary draped over the picture frame is from the Vatican and made of fragrant beads
c) the white seashell, old books, and heavy lock-and-key held special significance for Ratliff as symbols of time, wisdom, and the unlocked secrets of the heart
d) the book with the yellowed, dog-earred pages on the left side is TM Yates’s personal copy of The Killer Angels, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Michael Shaara
e) and last but not least, Ratliff included a small shamrock, off-center and askew, on the spine of the red book
If you like the painting, please feel free to check out Ratliff’s other work at or at Ventana Fine Art, the Santa Fe, NM, gallery that features some of her art.

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