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The 2017 Contest is over; the list of winners can be found here.
The 2018 Contest will likely go live on or about
St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2018.

The $1,000 prize in the 2017 Signal Grace Scholarship Contest is awarded based solely on the merits of the applicant’s submitted entry. There are no age limits and no SAT, ACT, or GPA minimum requirements. TM created the annual Contest to support gifted American students and to encourage creativity.

Applying is simple. Students must read the memoir Signal Grace and create an entry in response to one of three prompts, including a “Creative Expression” option. In that option, students can choose the nature of their entry as long as they demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the book Signal Grace.

The winner will be determined on or about September 8, 2017 and announced on A list of past winners is below.

*The Contest is open to any high school or college student who is a U.S. citizen and attending a U.S. institution, except for students residing in or attending school in Rhode Island.




Past Signal Grace Scholarship Winners

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Isabelle Walton – Poem Series
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Andrew Koonce – Violin Composition
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Arnold Kracht – Collage Series
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Kayla Moore – Digital Painting
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Kendra Jimerson – Digital Painting
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): M’Kenna Breckenridge – Video Book Report

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Marina Shkuratov – Essay

GRAND PRIZE ($1,000): Giordano Chioetto – Essay
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Leslie Koller – Essay
HONORABLE MENTION ($100): Sangeeta Sunny – Essay

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